A quick and cost effective way to produce COSHH, noise and risk assessments, method statements and complete Health & Safety Plans for construction projects.

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Who is FastPlan for?

  • Principal Contractors
    Principal Contractors

    The Principal Contractor is usually the Main Contractor but a client may manage their own construction work if they are competent to manage the project, they can appoint themselves.

    A Principal Contractor must be classed as a "contractor", that is someone who undertakes, carries out or manages construction work.

    A Principal Contractor needs to be able to satisfy prospective clients that they are competent and adequately resourced.

    As part of their role, anyone acting as a Principal Contractor MUST ensure that a suitable "construction phase health and safety plan" is:

    • Prepared before construction begins
    • Implemented
    • Kept up to date as the project progresses
  • Sub Contractors

Who operate in construction or refurbishment projects in Great Britain, subject to CDM.

What is FastPlan?

Key Benefits:
  1. Saves you time:-
    5-10 minutes to produce assessments; 30-60 minutes to produce a full Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan.
  2. Easy to use, with on screen guidance
  3. Quick and convenient access via the Internet
  4. Charges are "Pay As You Go" per project.
  5. Produces Professional Documentation
  • FastPlan Online is an internet based solution for producing health and safety documentation.
  • It is designed to help you comply with the law, and operate your site efficiently and safely.
  • It provides tailored documentation specific to your site, and professionally presented.
  • You can obtain either individual documents such as Risk Assessments, Safety Method Statements, etc or a full Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan.
  • You simply log on, answer the questions and then download your documentation.

More Information?

If used correctly, the documents produced provide the basis of a comprehensive site management system, helping to ensure that any site is operated efficiently and safely.

FastPlan is an ideal tool for those who are less familiar with producing health and safety documents as it guides the user logically through the steps required to produce them. The documents themselves also contain advice and guidance regarding their practical application on site.

FastPlan online requires Internet Explorer 4.5 (or later) for Windows, with JavaScript and Cookies enabled.

The full Construction Phase Health and Safety Plan is a comprehensive Site Safety Management tool, compiled for you, based on your answers to the Noise, COSHH and Risk Sections.

For those already familiar with producing plans or assessments working in a time critical environment, FastPlan offers a fast-track solution to producing professional documentation.

Being Internet based, FastPlan online is accessible from any Windows PC connected to the web. This offers the convenience of being able to work on your projects from various locations, at any time of the day or night. You can always return to your Plan from time to time as changes to it are 'saved' in the normal way. Only when you are ready, do you need to start the downloading and payment process.

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