A quick and cost effective way to produce COSHH, noise and risk assessments, method statements and complete Health & Safety Plans for construction projects.

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Welcome to FastPlan Online, Construction Phase Plans and more..

FastPlan helps you produce your Construction Phase Health & Safety documentation in compliance with the CDM Regulations 2015. It can create COSHH Assessments, Noise/Vibration Assessments, Risk Assessments, Work Permits and Checklists, as well as a host of other Safety Management documentation for use on site. It will also assist you writing Safety Method Statements and Outline Health and Safety Plans.

Who is FastPlan designed for?

Principal & Sub Contractors complying with UK Legislation

How does FastPlan work?

A guide to producing your first Safety Plan with FastPlan Online

What documentation does FastPlan produce?

Click to see a complete list of documents that FastPlan produces

How much will it cost?

Find out how FastPlan is priced here, as single units and as part of a subscription

Bureau Service

Need a Health and Safety Plan without touching your PC?
Fax us back some completed questionnaires, we will print and post your plan to you.

Risk Assessments, Outline Plan and Toolbox Talk to help with the ongoing Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic.

FastPlan produces the following construction health and safety documents, in line with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations, taylored to each of your projects:


COSHH Assessments, Noise Assessments, Risk Assessments and Manual Handling Assessments

Checklists, Inspections, Work Permits

Site Setup, Daily, Pre-Works, Scaffolds, lifting

Hot / Roof / Electrical Works, Confined Spaces, Excavations

Log Books / Records/ Diaries

HSE and Visitors books, Contractor Records, First Aid book, Accident books, Site Safety Diary

Notices and Briefings

Site Rules, Induction Notes, Toolbox Talks, Fire Co-ordinator, First Aiders

FastPlan is Easy to Use:

Create a Project: Give your Project a Reference Name, site address, and start/finish dates. Select the Products, Machinery and Work Activities that will be used on this project from pre-defined lists. Answer some Questions: Based on the equipment and work activities selected, FastPlan will ask you a series of questions in order to create your Risk Assessments. Purchase your 'Project': For a one-off payment of £95, you buy the right to download your Project's documentation often as you like, and distribute it to whoever you need. Download the Documents - print, post, email your Health and Safety Plan to whoever you want. Errors or omissions? Amend your assessments at anytime for no extra cost.

FastPlan is designed for:

Principal Contractors



working on

Leisure or Retail

based projects covered by

British law


FastPlan is designed to:

Produce complete, site specific,

Construction Phase Health & Safety Plans

with as little fuss and in as little time as possible!

With FastPlan you can:

Create, Save and download your 'Projects' from anywhere at any time; Use existing 'Projects' as templates for others; Email the documents directly to others, without having to download them yourself;

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